Course Prerequisite

Recommend Rifle Basic

Or working knowledge of your sighted rifle and how to load, unload and safely operate your rifle


Saturday 0700 to 1100 - 0645 check in

Sunday 0700 to 1100 - 0645 check in

Course Information

Take yourself and your AR Sporting rifle to the next level. This 2 day - 8 hour course will increase your understanding of rifle function, marksmanship, loading, moving while shooting and engaging up close targets. This course is limited to 10 students.

Day One: Live fire range - AR function, safety, stoppages, marksmanship fundamentals, moving while shooting and shooting positions

Day Two: Live fire range - Advanced moving and shooting, suppressive fire, barricades, and full range challenge shoot. Handgun and rifle transitions and live fire practice. All live fire activities take place down range away from the stalls.

Class & Gear Requirements:

Day One

• AR or other semi automatic rifle / carbine in the Following Caliber - 9mm, 223/5.56, 7.62/308
• Equipped with: Iron Sights or optional Red dot, Scope, or Holographic sights
• Rifle Sling - 1 or 2 point
• Minimum 4 to 6 Magazines with Carrier - belt pouch, chest rig, or thigh rig
• Minimum 250 Rounds per day - 500 rounds total

Day Two Additional Gear

• Semi-automatic handgun and holster
• Minimum of 2 handgun magazines
• Minimum of 200 rounds of handgun ammunition

Course Fee

Complete Course Fee $210

To reserve your place, full payment is required. Fees are non-refundable.

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