Holster Draw

FT3 will now be offering holster draw hours on the Tactical Range.

Shooters must complete the Holster Certification Course before participating in holster draw range hours.
Active law enforcement is exempt from the required training.
During holster hours, qualified participants can draw from a holster. Ideal for CCW and completion practice.
See PDF on rules and restrictions. DOWNLOAD PDF
The certification course will cover basic holster draw techniques, orientation on safety procedures for range use and range rules regarding holsters during specified times.

Restrictions apply. Additional waivers will be required.
No refunds issued on training fees when you do not attend the class.
Credit will be giving for next upcoming class.

Certification Course Dates

November 27th, 2021 8-9:30am- CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

December 18th, 2021 8-9:30am- CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

Upcoming Holster Hours for Qualified Holster Shooters