New at FT3 – Holster Draw

FT3 will now be offering holster draw hours Mondays and Thursdays on the Tactical Range side starting in September.

Shooters must complete the Holster Certification Course before participating in holster draw range hours.

The certification course will cover basic holster draw techniques, orientation on safety procedures for range use and range rules regarding holsters during specified times.

Certification Course Dates

December 28th, 2019 8-9am- CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

January 25th, 2020 8-9am- CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

February 22nd, 2020 8-9am- CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

Retention Qualifier Dates


Required with at at least one magazine. Two is ideal

No rentals will be allowed for this course

Ammunition: 50 rounds
FT3 offers new manufactured ammunition and competitive prices for all your training needs.
If you bring your own ammo, it must be Brass or Nickel casing only. NO bi-metal tips, aluminum or steel casings allowed on range.
Both self defense and FMJ are allowed in classes.

Holster: Required
First, NO Serpa style holster. No shoulder, cross draw, or small of the back holsters.
Recommended is a good OWB strong side holster, drop leg, competition or IWB holster in position from appendix to no further back than 4 o’clock.

Magazine Carrier:Optional

Ear and Eye Protection: Required