Morning training events for all holster qualified shooters at FT3.

Come in early before the doors open for down range adventures with Range Manager and Senior Instructor Michael Hernandez.

These downrange classes will cover intermediate and advanced skills in handgun accuracy, speed shooting, moving and shooting, addressing multiple targets and much more. Ideal for those who want to push their skills and learn more defensive minded principals. Work from either your concealed or open carry holster.
Participants must be holster qualified with FT3.

Class Fee: $40 per event

Required gear:
• Holster (must meet FT3 holster requirements)
• Firearm
• 2 or more magazines
• Magazine carrier
• 150 rounds is recommended (no steel, bi-metal, or aluminum)
• Eyes and ears

Events start at 9am and run until approx. 10:45am.
Class length is subject to change to meet the availability and needs of the range.

Upcoming events start at 9am

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