Walk-In Basic Safety & Firearm Introduction

This one-on-one personal instruction is perfect for those persons who are new to firearms or just want to refresh their skills. This basic training will cover firearms safety and fundamentals to get you going right away. In about 30 minutes you will be out on the firing line and sending your first shots downrange, on target, with an instructor by your side.

Fee is $75.00.

*You can add an additional person for only $35.00.
** Maximum of three persons per lesson.

2 Hour Safety & Marksmanship Course

Families, small groups, or one-on- one personal instruction. For those new to firearms and want to learn more than the basics, this 2-hour session is specifically designed for you. Starting in the classroom, we begin with a complete overview of firearms safety, ammunition, and marksmanship fundamentals. Then we will move to the range for live fire.

Starting fee of $165. Basic Intro fees included range time, targets, gun rental, ear and eye protection and 22 caliber Ammunition- All other calibers are not included in the price.

Each additional participant is $75.

On the Range, 1-on-1 Instruction

If you just got a new gun, are having trouble hitting the target, looking to find just the right firearm for you, or just want to work on those fundamentals to improve accuracy then this session is for you. One-on-one in a range stall, working on just about any skill you choose. We can work on handguns, rifles, shotguns, holster draw and more.

Starting fee of $150. Personal Instruction fees included range time, targets, gun rental, ear and eye protection. Ammunition is charged separately.

An additional participant is $75.

Basic Firearms Training Sessions Include Everything You Need.

- Range time
- Materials
- Safety Gear
- Firearm and ammunition

Minimum age of 10 years old for participation. Minor must be accompanied by an adult. Already have a firearm? Great! Bring it along and learn the proper fundamentals with your firearm. You will need at least 50 rounds of ammunition or you can purchase at the range.

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