FT3 CCW Renewal Course

Course Prerequisite

FT3 Tactical now offers CCW Renewals on select Sunday Mornings.

Time & Info

9am to 1pm
Please arrive by 8:45am to check in at the front desk

This event is for CCW renewals only for both Orange County and Riverside County Concealed Carry License Holders.

You will need to register and pay in full online. Walk ins will not be accepted.

FT3 Tactical Range
8230 Electric Ave. Stanton, CA 90680

Class & Gear Requirements

• Document all firearms on the online form:
Serial #
Barrel Length

• You will need your CA Diver’s License.
• Supply or purchase 30 rounds of ammunition for each firearm to be renewed.
• Have eye and ear protection.
• Complete the 4 hour class and range session.

FT3 has ammunition for your qualifier available for purchase at the range

Course Fee

Cost: $99

Course is limited to 24 participants.

Upcoming Dates - Click to Register and Complete Form

Sunday Aug 15th, 2021